I’m back

Hey loves!

Yeah, I know. It’s been a minute.

I’ve taken a break from writing & blogging for a few weeks now but I’m back now. It’s a new month and I am quite excited to share a few things with you guys.

I hope every one has been great. Stay blessed.

BTS (Babes To Stan.)

  1. First you discover (or in my case I’d say “re-discover”) them. Then you gasp. Literally.
  2. You like what you hear.
  3. Three songs and five thousand music videos later “like” turns into “love”.
  4. Then you google them, followed by WeHeartIt (Lots and lots of WeHeartIt!).
  5. Then you shamelessly download a bunch of pictures and quotes related to them.
  6. And you realize (after Tweeting your love and appreciation for them, of course), yep, you’ve joined the fandom.
  7. You’re officially a fan.
  8. You’re officially part of the ARMY.
  9. Ladies and gents, I’m officially crushing on BTS. In 2018.
  10. And it’s everything but fake love.

Ironically, it’s their recent single, ‘Fake Love’ that got me obsessing over them. I kid you not. I spent a
whole night listening and catching up on what I’ve been missing out on! They are beyond talented
and so natural in their interviews. Yeah, I’ve embarrassingly watched a lot of those. Okay, this is probably useless information, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or like me, knew
about them but just never really paid attention): BTS is a seven-member South Korean boy band.
They have a solid fan base, and I mean SOLID. The hashtag BTS on Twitter and every other social
media platform are proof. Just Google them.

I don’t understand the Korean in their songs but that’s what makes the diversity of music so special.
You don’t understand in ways you DO understand. If you had to read that twice or more to actually
understand, blame my lack of explaining things in simple terms. Or maybe I’m just having a fangirl
moment and can’t think or act rationally.
Whatever it is, if you’re not part of the ARMY yet, please hop on this train. You see that song you
always skip and then one day listens to it and then finding out that it’s actually the bomb dot com?
(do people still say “the bomb dot com”? It’s so cringy haha). That is what re-discovering BTS was

Well guess who’s been binge watching their music videos and listening to their songs on repeat?

Yours truly.

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Dag 2.

It’s day two of this challenge and it’s getting even better than day 1( Not that they are in competition haha). I was nominated by the amazing do this.

The rules are as easy as counting 1 2 3:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers each day.

My Quote:

The reason I single out certain quotes is because I relate to them. It enables me to talk about specific things that I encountered or are going through. The quote above sparked all the emotional challenges I (or we) am facing. I mentioned in one of my posts about a week ago, that my brother in law passed on. This is the most recent example I can and want to use. Emotional hurt are inevitable (unfortunately). But it shouldn’t limit our healing processes. Different people deal with different kinds of pain differently. My brother who passed on was the husband of my late sister, who already passed on 6 years ago. Now, as you can imagine, his death opened up old wounds. But only to a certain extent- Don’t get me wrong, we still miss and love her dearly. We have made peace with her passing and it doesn’t hurt much anymore. Instead of hurt there’s a feeling of peace and acceptance. But to get to that point is what this post/quote is about. Don’t deny it. Let it hurt until it can’t hurt anymore. I always advise people to let whatever they are going through, be felt. At the core. It makes it easier in the end to accept the situation and to move on, in a healthy way.

To make life a more bearable when going through trauma, a loss or disappointment you can:

  1. Talk about it. To close relatives or friends.
  2. Focus on a new project – or doing something you’ve never done before. (And no, this doesn’t mean deny it, that would be contradicting myself. It’s good to let it hurt but focusing solely on the hurt will result in it consuming you. Find a balance. Healthy healing is the goal. )

On that note I nominate to do this challenge.

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day 1.

Not too long ago, nominated me for this challenge and I felt like a little kid who got candy. And I didn’t want to eat my candy immediately, I wanted to keep some for later. That’s why I didn’t post immediately. There are millions of good quotes and I, well I couldn’t make up my mind. It was like asking me to choose which flavour candy I want to eat first, apple or strawberry. It was hard at first but it’s like I grew up haha. I finally made up my mind, and I don’t eat candy anymore. Those are bad anyway! (don’t fight me – it’s not that deep, just personal preference.)

Thank you You guys can hop over to her blog and also check her 3 ( and more haha) quotes out.

The rules aint rocket science:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.

3. Nominate three bloggers each day.

I love me some risk taking. Being bold & creative. Evolving and being a leader. You can’t do those without going through some dips. Dips that will make you stronger for future dips. That’s what inspired my first quote by Bridgett Devoue ( God I love her):

To achieve goals you have set for yourself you have to play with fire. You gotta take the first step and take risks. And this quote hits home (hard), because the first half of 2018 has just been dips upon dips so far. That’s why I’m cancelling it & looking forward to a better second half. That’s after I had spoken like 10 words with He is an amazing motivator. That’s why I nominate him to do this challenge.

Yes, playing with fire is deadly but sometimes burning is the only thing keeping us alive.

Happy New Month! – Have a blessed one, & if you’re currently burning through the fires of hell, keep going. That’s what Winston Churchill said.